3d laser scanning services

3D Laser Scanning Services for Building and Construction

3D Scanning Services:  It has been years that lasers have been a part of our lives. Be it in movies or your everyday objects such as a laser mouse or a laser optical drive. Technology has been somewhat slow to be a part of more industries now, and it has become something of an important technology. A 3D laser scanning survey has shown that people prefer using a 3D laser scanner for specific jobs where a 3D laser scanner can be used instead of other means. In this article, we are going to learn how 3D laser scanning helps us in construction.

3d laser scanning services

3d laser scanning services

How Much Does 3D Scanning Services Cost? 

Usually, the cost of 3D laser scanning services depends on the complexity and size of the model. The 3D scanning services cost anywhere between a 100$ to a 1000$. Usually, there is an hourly rental rate, which can be something like 100 to 200 dollars per hour. Now the thing is when it comes to construction, the scanning has to be done on an immense scale, and hence the cost can sum up to be a lot.

The price also depends on the following factors:

The geometry of the area scanned. For example, a flat surface will be cheaper than a complex geometrical structure.

Scanning technology used: Every other 3D scanning technology has its strengths and weaknesses. If you need very minute details of the area to be scanned, a scanner that produces faster results will not be useful. For example, if you use a scanner with a large field of vision, you can scan a large area very quickly but with less detail. This will also cost you less. On the other hand, if you use a scanner with fewer fields of vision, the scan will take time and will be more costly but will produce fine details of the area scanned.

Laser scanning in construction 

It is used to get the minute details of the whole area, from every nook and cranny to every rock on the construction site. These are the following ways how laser scanning is used in a construction site:

  • Design: Sometimes, some construction companies use laser scanning as the starting point of construction. This helps them understand the site and start construction quickly and efficiently.
  • During construction: Laser scanning can take place before and during the project. This helps to pass the necessary data to the required people while remotely controlling the whole construction process. It also helps in documenting milestones and figuring out where an error is occurring and fix it immediately.
  • Post Construction: Since laser scanning produces a very accurate and detailed as-built model of the project, it provides a huge help in the future. When it comes to renovations and up-gradations and even demolition, having an as-built model makes the work safer and better.

Let us now look at the benefits of using 3D laser scanning in construction:

  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces manual Labor
  • Improves the quality, accuracy, and safety of the project
  • Improves coordination among the people working on the project
  • Has the ability to provide immediate and accurate information.

laser scanning in construction

How does it work?

Laser scanners use a non-destructive, non-contact digital technology that can capture a physical object’s shape using the power of a line of light. It achieves this feat by using something called a point cloud or data points. What it does is it points out specific data and puts them in a coordinate system and hence constructs a three-dimensional image of the object. When it comes to 3D building scanning services, laser technology is used to scan and create a 3d model of buildings.