Digital Profile Mapping during Turbine Overhauling & Maintenance

Digital Profile Mapping(DPM) is a customized solution which enables Turbine Overhauling & Maintenance team to analyze turbine in-process important activities with real-time guided results to make better and faster decisions. DPM saves productive days of total schedule of the turbine overhauling and provides accurate results. Also, conventional methods like blue ink check, bolt tightening, and loosening, pot leveling etc. are eliminated and frequent handling of the heavy components is highly reduced.

Have successfully carried out DPM procedure at NTPC Dadri (500MW Unit 5 & 6, 210 MW Unit 2), (NTPC Sipat 660 MW Unit 1,2,&3), NTPC-Korba(210 MW Unit 2), TATAPOWER, ACB INDIA-SPECTRUM(50MW Unit-I), NTECL Vallur (500 MW Unit 3), TAQA-GE Chennai

  • O Coupling Face Run-out
  • O Axial Runout
  • O Casing Parting Plane Matching
  • O Casing Centering Guidance & Measurement
  • O Ovality Of Turbines
  • O Fins Ovality Check
  • O Pedestals Levelling & Catenary Measurement
  • O Periodical Monitoring Of TG Deck
  • O LP Diaphragm Centring
  • O LP Rotor And Blade Inspection