REMET is the global materials technology provider that specialises in the Precision Investment Casting process

Remet is the only one to design and supply complete range of full consumable solutions, which enable investment casters to innovate to stay ahead in the most demanding of markets.

Six D is an exclusive Patner for Remet UK in India, we offer the technical insight that enhances a foundry’s production process and final castings. Our technical team is available on hand to ensure that you are able to select the correct materials for your investment casting purposes.


Investment casting waxes have include versions for the production of patterns, soluble cores, runners, gating systems, and their assembly and repair. We can blend casting waxes to suit the creation of small through to large casting patterns.
Auxiliary Wax
Casting Wax
Specialty Wax


REMET supplies all the casting materials to create high quality ceramic shells, which are able to be customised to meet a wide range of casting applications and alloys. We offer a broad line of refractories that include fused alumina, fused silica, zircon, aluminosilicate and zirconia.
Refractory Sand
Colloidal Silica
Enhanced Binders
Slurry Additives
Ethyl Silicate


Crucibles, ladle liners and various special shapes are available from REMET in zirconia, alumina and fused silica. REMET facilitates the selection process for customers by comparing melting techniques, alloys being melted, size and type of furnace and thermal cycling effects. This assures the correct product is paired with the proper set of variables.