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Know the different applications of 3D Scanning equipment’s and Services

The world is moving forward and new computer technologies have supported humans in making their life simpler. 3D scanning is one of those inventions which are emerging with advanced features in every sector. 3D Laser Scanning is a digital technology that captures the shape, size and dimension of a physical object without getting in contact with them. 3D Laser Scanning works by creating point clouds. It is a process in which the image of object is captured through line of laser lights. The objects dimensions are captured and presented in 3D format. 3D laser scanning is superlatively good for complex geometries and contoured surfaces which involve dealing with huge and complex data for their measurement and inspections. Due to perfection in result of 3D scanning, the demand for 3D Scanning Services in India are growing. By hiring experts offering 3D scanning service, study, survey and measurement of objects and data becomes affordable, easier and risk free.

3D Scanning services applications

3D scanning has become a popular disciple in many industries as it delivers better output in terms of accuracy, speed and safety features. Due to non-invasive nature of 3D scanning, damage and displacement of data or objects risk is minimal. Even cost and time is saved through 3D scanning services. Due to all such reasons the applications of 3d scanning services in Delhi is seen in many fields.


Architecture is about accurate measurement, survey, visualization and modification of data. While performing any architectural projects, scanning in high details and surveying accurately is necessary for delivering best results. 3D scanning services is the perfect solution one is looking for extreme accuracy, better data collection and its visualization. 


An area that is largely dependent upon 3D scanning services is engineering. Design engineers and technicians widely use 3D scanning to speed up their decision making process. Reverse engineering and product development becomes easy as this scanning can scan any object and with the usage of CAD, changes can be done.  Decision making process becomes easy and simplified 3D scanning.  In case of reverse engineering, information can be collected from the physical objects and they can be visually created with better accuracy.

Prototyping & 3D printing

Prototyping & 3D printing is a field that seems to be incomplete without 3d scanning technology.  3D scanning software is used for taking a quick scan of the physical product, convert it into digital format and then turn it into a digital model for creating prototypes. These prototypes are then printed by 3D printers. The 3D scanning process gives high level result and perfection by streamline the data generation and its application. It reduces the time and saves cost.

With the growing importance of 3D scanning, highly accurate 3D data services in Noida and other places are in demand. It helps in collecting millions of data at short span of time and presents them digitally thereby delivering many benefits. Investing in 3D scanning and data services is always worth as it helps in realizing better value of project, improving the capabilities of technicians, saving cost & time. SixD Engineering Solutions 3D scanning equipments and services offers better quality designs, improved performance and improved product quality standard. So, investing in such instruments and services is a good decision. It facilities various firms to market themselves faster, gain competitive advantage and improve production speed.