We are providing specialized engineering services by thw combination of our expertise Dimension Control, Reverse Engineering & As-Built LS mapping.
Our team is ready to take up any critical or tedious engineering application and develops the customized solution by uses of their expertise and skills utilized in different industries and solutions.
We have the capacity to scan from 10mm sized object to a 50m sized object. SixD is continuously working with Aerospace and defence agencies, providing assistance in developing 3D model & design of objects. These designs help to further evaluate the required support in design performance enhancements & trainings.
We have scanned Surveillance Aircrafts for DRDO, Helicopters, Big Coal handling trucks, War Tanks(for HAL) etc.
SixD is providing specialized services for geometrical panel corrections for concentrated solar panels(CSP Power Plants). At MISPL, We have done a number of panel verification and have provided guidance for corrections.
3D laser scanning allows precise volumetric surveys to be conducted in very short time frames. Point cloud data can be georeferenced and transformed into any coordinate system. Mesh models created from the point cloud constitute highly accurate representations of the scanned terrain, chamber or coal pile. Comparing mesh to mesh, or mesh to flat surface we can calculate the volumes relative to any given datum.
Highly detailed representation of measured surfaces – High accuracy
Long range, non-contact data collection
Speed data collection
Automotive Industry is dynamically changing in design, and to keep a pace, all manufacturers are required to do accurate and precise positioning of robotic system in order to avoid clashes. Using SixD’s applications, this process of adopting new designs can be faster and smoother.
Our dimension control & As-Built LS services are productive and cost effecting solution for marine industry. Downtime costs vessel operator’s huge amounts of money. Our skills and experience are the keys to rapid response to your requirements. Whether a vessel or offshore plant is docked or at sea, our highly trained alignment specialists can travel anywhere in the world at short notice.
We’ve got decades of experience in the business and we only employ suitably qualified professionals. That’s why marine and offshore operators can trust us to deliver efficient, safe, responsive services for these important industries.
SixD provides highly-detailed 3D Scanning to capture the “as-built” condition of the vessel and assist in the design and installation of ballast water management system (BWMS) technologies or Scrubber Exhaust Gas Cleaning System conversions. 3D Modeling demonstrates how either of these systems, and associated filters and piping, will fit within the available space for the vessel. The 3D scan and model has following applications:-


Capture the as-built piping, structure and arrangement of the vessel

Model the BWMS or Scrubber and Components in Location, Show Obstructions and Verify Maintenance Space

Generate a Preliminary Visual Design (to assist in decision-making of the final arrangement)

Reduce Potential Change Orders During the Retrofit

Provide for Pre-Fabrication Options to Reduce Costs

Identify Potential Hazardous Areas or Risks

Maintain Accurate 3D Ship Engineering Records for Future Use

SixD has done 3D Laser Scanning of the TAJMAHAL-prestigious project awarded by CBRI Roorkee. The 3D Scan data along with IGES CAD model, 2D drawings & Walk-through of monument provided as a deliverable.